Easy Beer Tasting Party

Today, my sister informed me that it was National IPA Day (she is a craft beer enthusiast) and suggested I put together a little something special for Andrew when he got home from work! It was perfect timing, because I know he is having a long week! Unlike my sister, I am not a beer girl. So instead of focusing on choosing the best IPA's, I just quickly grabbed a few of Andrew's favorite craft beers. In the future, I would love to find unique beers that the guys (and gals) would like and really get into it!

Or better yet, host a wine tasting party.


Below is some inspiration for an easy beer tasting party:


Easy, huh? I created the "printables" in order to make the tasting a little more interactive! One printable is for "notes" and then another printable for rating each beer. I also made beer labels (#1-4) to conceal the brand of each beer. However, I did take each label off anyway! Pretzels are known to cleanse your palette during a beer tasting so add a bowl of these salty treats and your all set. This was so easy to put together on a whim and would be really fun for a birthday or get-together with friends!

Happy National IPA Day, 


p.s. if you would like me to send you these printables, leave a comment! :)