|Sponsored| Wednesday Pick-Me-Up!

Happy Wednesday! Another week is is in full swing and it's creeping by for me because I have a mini vacation with great friends this weekend! We are headed to Florida (Port St. Joe to be exact) to go scalloping! Not my usual vacation, but I am preparing like I always would! Below are a few of my "must-haves" for my beach bag & definitely added a little fun to this rainy hump-day!

Of course, I added a quick DIY touch! 


My beach bag is all packed and my Wednesday got a little brighter with a guilt-free bubbly drink and paper straw! I love any sparkling beverage but with a workout tonight, soda or champagne just wouldn't make the cut! Zephyrhills® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water was the perfect compromise, with a little flavor but no calories or sugar! (Only three ingredients: Spring Water, Natural Fruit Essence and Bubbles!) 

What is your midweek pick-me-up? I always hope to be gearing up for some fun weekend plans!  




*Thanks to Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Ozarka®, Poland Spring®, Zephyrhills® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters for sponsoring today's discussion.