Learning Calligraphy - Part I

The journey of learning calligraphy is fun and frustrating! I am an "instant gratification" kind of person so the second I picked up my pen and nib, I wanted a specific look. Not realistic. I have so enjoyed practicing and hope to take many more calligraphy classes in 2014 to accompany my invitation designs. 

I was commissioned by a friend, owner of Elle Affairs, to create some tags for her clients. I was happy to do it and know her well-enough that she can toss them if they are totally not up to par! While I was making a mess, I thought to myself how pretty my mess had become. Rosemary, linen, and silk ribbon have been apart of my branding pallet and I always have them on the table when I create! Love these pretty messes. 


Hope this keeps my calligraphy momentum going! I am always accepting commissioned projects like this, email victoriaaustindesigns@gmail.com to inquire. Artists, please share any calligraphy resources you use! xo