One Year Ago + A Million Miles

Happy (Throwback) Thursday! 

Tera and Wes of Armosa Studios blogged our engagement photos a year ago, almost to the day. As I prepare for our first married Valentine's Day (have not cleaned, gotten any gifts, baked, or anything else that the "wifey of the year" is doing…), I took a trip down memory lane. We've been planning our gallery wall for quite some time and I have such an urge to finish it after looking through these again. Tera and Wes (and Olive), a million thank you's again!


It has been a year full of blessings. I know that is something the typical newlywed says but it's just the plain truth. Honestly, nothing major has changed for us. We got married, moved in to our first home together, got our little Boykin Spaniel, traveled a bit and Auburn had a great football season. But these photos don't seem like yesterday. They seem like years ago! Andrew is so much fun to be around. We have date night every single night (except for his occasional business trips and my GNO's). We've lost loved ones, missed loved ones but also have witnessed many miracles. It is odd being so giddy and comfortable all at the same time. We still have a ton to figure out about growing up and growing old but if every year is half as good as this one, we'll be quite alright. A friend posted on Facebook this week, "Getting married before 25 is like leaving the party at 9:30". 

My advice: marry someone you want to party with forever.