July Review

As always, I cannot believe another month has come to an end and we are already almost five days into August. July was a CRAZY one. It was so great in so many ways and really felt like an intentional and positive month for me.

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Welp, I made my first "major" error. I knew the day would come but I was REALLY starting to feel like I had the ability to put out any smoke before the fire, if that makes sense. I am a firm believer in the idea that there is always a way to fix things. In short, I had to reorder envelopes for a client because I had sealed them and added postage, without their accommodation cards. I still can't even believe I had done that! The order was not of my design or printer, so the lapse in production will definitely be noted. With a few pep talks from my husband, I reordered envelopes and assembled again and reluctantly moved on! The client was, of course, kind and understanding. But dang, that order was a doozy, haha! Since that teeny tiny mistake, I've slowed down a bit and have tried to embrace the process of stationery; step by step and no more jumping ahead or racing the clock. 

Like June, I spent more time with family and loved ones and less time with those who try to belittle my passions. I get discouraged so easily and being around those that build me up is so important. I am truly blessed with some of the most supportive friends and family, especially my in-laws who live closer than my immediate family.
We moved Bella Bridesmaids from Fairhope, AL to Mobile, AL and have almost finished renovations. Bella is now located at 7 North Conception Street in downtown Mobile! Appointments begin running on August 15th, 2014 and we can't wait for brides to see the new space!
Anne and Garrett got married! I LOVE every sneak peak I have seen and cannot wait to get the photos from their amazing photographers, Troy and Aimee Grover. Anne and Garrett's wedding was refreshingly beautiful and elegant! It appeared to be the perfect balance between an intimate gathering and a fun celebration!
I was featured on Burnett's Boards and Artfully Wed at the end of July, one with Mary's and my styling and florals, and the other with my paper goods!
Andrew and I went to California and saw family and friends and then Atlanta to see two lovely friends wed! What a beautiful month it has been!

Victoria Austin Designs | Paper Goods | California Weddings
Victoria Austin Designs | Paper Goods | California Weddings

I think that I stepped closer to my dreams this month by overcoming tiny failures. It is so easy (for me) to feel like throwing the towel in and giving up when a speed bump emerges. My husband, Andrew, said to me, "do you really want to give up because one order didn't go perfectly?" In that moment, yes, I did. But he is always a voice of reason and snaps me back to reality. He encouraged me to be transparent with the client and to finish strong. I hope to remember this little moment forever, professionally and personally.

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Thanks again to Shanna Skidmore for keeping my reviews intentional! I definitely believe these reviews have helped me clear so much clutter this summer. I am thrilled that Fall is around the corner and am so giddy to provide florals with Mary for Ashtin + Cameron on the 23rd, as well as stand by my best friend's side (paper goods in tow) on her wedding day in California on the 30th!