Summertime Fun | With Your Baby

Oh sweet (and HOT) summertime. We've been enjoying our Summer here along the Mobile Bay and I thought it would be a good idea to post about some of our activities. I found it so hard to know what do to when I first had Thomas and really wanted to get outside more!

Mom and Baby, Fairhope, Alabama
Mom and Baby, Rosemary Beach

If your baby is crawling/getting into things...
Get outside! Nothing will make you more stir crazy than staying inside all day when the sun is shining (or is that just me?).
1. Walks and Picnics by the Bay
I recommend this opposed to your backyard for a little breeze (the views are a major plus). I pack a picnic basket with his bottle(s), easy snacks such as: puffs, fruit, veggies, chopped cheese and/or turkey/chicken, etc. I usually try to pack my own lunch that is easy for Thomas to eat off of as well, like a turkey sandwich and fruit. Don't forget water!
2. Splash Pad
Great way to stay cool! We try to go early in the day but often times find ourselves there smack dab in the heat of the day. There are also swings for babies nearby if you go to Fairhope Community Park. Don't forget sunscreen!
Coastal Church off Hwy 64 in Daphne has a great splash pad as well! They even have a cafe so you can get a cold drink and lunch! The water pressure isn't quite as harsh as the Park's so I noticed it was a little more comfortable at first for Thomas.
3. Story Time
This! This is great if you just can't deal with the heat at all (I get it). Story time at Fairhope Public Library and Page and Palette are free and a great way for your little one to interact with others (bonus that you can too haha). I typically go downtown when it is convenient for us, and walk around or grab a coffee before or after story time.
Fairhope Public Library: Tuesdays at 10am (Thurs during the Fall)
Page and Palette Bookstore: Wednesdays at 10:30am
4. Pool
Or inflatable pool (if you don't have access to pool or feel comfortable with pool yet). We put a little blow-up baby pool on back porch so it is out of sun and easy to use. I'll even let him enjoy an all-fruit Popsicle while splashing so I avoid a separate mess. We also do swim lessons with Haley's Little Fish at the Fairhope Recreation Center. It can get really crowded but their pools are kid friendly, and have a large 1ft area where you can sit with your little one. Thomas loves that outdoor pool so we will do that before or after lessons. You can get membership or pay a daily (inexpensive) rate.

baby on the bay, Fairhope, Alabama

I also notice the Summer has brought a bit more unpredictable playdates (yay!) and naps prompted by the extra outside play time. Because of this, I have learned to keep a few things in car:
A big blanket: for picnics, makeshift towel, changing pad, etc.
A Stroller Fan
A few diapers + wipes
Extra Swimsuit and tee
A few easy snacks (crackers, applesauce)

Any other summertime favorites? Let me know!