DIY Greenery Crown

Last week, Mother Nature stunned the southeast with a "light dusting" of snow. Overly congested cities, such as; Atlanta and Birmingham fared the worst. Fortunately for us, our precious dot-on-the-map took extreme precautions. Most of us around the Mobile Bay ended up with at least two days off of work due to the icy roads. I had three.

I used that time to relax with my husband, work on two invitation suites, and DIY projects here and there. My favorite DIY yet: an organic take on the floral crown. 


What you will need:

Greenery of your choice (I used Eucalyptus Leaves for their life span)

Ribbon (Optional | I used Frou Frou Chic Silk Ribbon in Terre)

Hot Glue (A florist would likely shun)


Easy as pie. Cut "hearty" stems of the greenery and place in a circle to "map out" your crown. Once you have enough stems to create the look you want, begin gluing. Hot glue goes a long way, and I wanted my crown to be a bit more whimsy, so a dot on the thick side of the stem was enough. Hold stems in place until dry. After, I added silk ribbon to connect the crown in a bow. If you don't want the ribbon intertwined, you could attach two pieces of ribbon, one at each end to secure in a bow. 

xo Tori

Bachelorette Party Details

I just got back from two amazing days with some of my closest friends. They are the type of friends that will say absolutely anything, whether it be inappropriate, heavy, or completely ridiculous, it will be said. We have way too much fun together and I am so thankful that my friend Liz has included all of us in her wedding.

The bachelorette party was in Nashville, TN! It was my first time there and I loved every bit of it! Except the weather, it was rainy and cold. But all nine of us were coming from out of town so the MOH had done a lot of extra planning to make sure we could still make Liz's lingerie shower feel special with small details!

Some of the girls flew in, and a few of us drove up from different parts of Alabama. Our car was completely packed with luggage, gifts, party decor and champagne. I brought the champagne glasses and drink dispenser so I had to make them extra special!


Oh what fun! We laughed so hard, we cried! With such great company, we didn't need any cute "stuff" to make this a party but the tags were inexpensive and easy to do. I love little details like this for parties and showers.