Playhouse Project, Part Two

I am so happy to share the finished playhouse! You probably saw my recent blog post about the construction of it by Ryan Hamilton (a local woodworker). He finished super fast for us so we can have it ready in time for Christmas Day! Thomas LOVES it. My only regret was not checking the weather before surprising him with it! HA. A few cold and rainy days had our poor boy whining at the back door to go play, haha!
My husband did the painting (with one easy peasy trip to Lowe’s we got everything we needed, including the cute exterior light). Thomas has already mastered the Dutch doors and window locks and takes SO much pride in his whole house! My favorite thing he does is sits on the edge of the porch and dangles his legs, haha! Too cute seeing little man as “man of the house”! Cannot thank Ryan Hamilton enough for all his work and knowledge on this - he has such a knack for creative projects and made hiring out for the job not only way easier but way more enjoyable and probably saved us more than one headache!

Ryan even did the “Thomas” sign above his door by hand! Such a sweet surprise. We plan to add a swing in the coming months on the right side, too! I love that we can build on it and customize it exactly how we want over the years! You know I am already thinking of some potted plants and a window box for the Spring.
Thomas (and I) can’t wait to have some of his buddies over! If you have any questions about the design or production - feel free to ask!
xo, Tori