My Go-To (Summer) Birthday Gift Idea

Summer birthday parties have arrived! It’s likely because my son was born in July, but it seems like a lot of his little friends also have Summer birthdays. Something I found particularly hard before I had a baby, and honestly still do, was picking out birthday gifts. I am great at the sweet, soft baby stuff but once the little one has a personality… they become harder to shop for! For one, it’s hard to know each tot’s different interests, and what stage they may be at. So alas: I get the same, but different, bundle for everyone!

I start with a couple Summer necessities that we love, and I feel comfortable gifting. Sunscreen and Bug Spray! Hello Bello are rated CLEAN, and plant-based baby products. I absolutely love them, and so does Thomas. Their clean ingredients make me confident in gifting to friends, too.

My Go-To Summer Birthday Gift Idea | Victoria Austin
My Go-To Summer Birthday Gift Idea | Victoria Austin
My Go-To Summer Birthday Gift Idea | Victoria Austin

A Fairhope T-Shirt (or other relative brand). We love these for our little local friends because they are soft and classic. I realize these last three items are more for Mom, but how many light up toys from Target can one kid get? haha. Next is where you can get creative…
If you know the tot well, and know their interests and/or capabilities, you can get a summertime toy that fits for them. Chalk, bubbles, a pool float or swim diapers are always great options and never seem to go to waste! Some specific examples are below for various toddler ages!

You get the idea! Target, Walmart and Amazon have AWESOME kids toys that are inexpensive and great for outdoors. I try not to buy “junk” but when it comes to those hot Summer months, if it’s cheap and can last a few weeks… it’s a win-win. Stay cool out there!!

Big Brown Bag Sale | Little Boy Finds

I posted a few favorite items from Bloomingdale’s last week and wanted to share some great stuff I found during their BBB sale happening now! Cute boy stuff can be hard to find, but we have definitely found our favorites. Thomas dresses better than me, I am sure you moms can understand! haha.

Happy shopping! This inspires me to clean out T’s closet and get ready for Spring, too!