Why I Swear By Bubble Baths | Mental and Physical Health

When I started to write this post, it felt a bit trivial to spend (nap) time talking/thinking about bubble baths, haha! But I wanted to share some things that have helped me, mentally and physically, during this season and bubble baths are definitely one small thing. Because after all, it is the small things that seem to make the big differences.
If you know me, you know I love a good bubble bath. A nice candle, a good book, fancy beauty products, it’s all got my name written all over it! But did you know baths are great for more than just those things? A nice warm bath can genuinely help you relax, rest and even detox.

Why I Swear By Bubble Baths | Mental and Physical Health | Victoria Austin

The first reason I gravitate toward taking a bath after a long day is for rest. It is something easy that I can do for myself and have alone, quiet time. When you chat with a sweet one year old all day… this is huge for me! haha. But this rest time does even more… bath actually help me sleep better. They help me fall asleep faster, and stay asleep (I am notorious for waking up suddenly in the middle of night and letting my mind wander until the sun is coming up). Bubble bath before bedtime works better for me than a work out, a melatonin, etc.

Baths can help detox your body as well. I always add epsom salts and some essential oils to my bath to detox. Adding baking soda can also add to this and neutralize the water. A tip: warm water is better than HOT. I love for my baths to be scolding but they can dehydrate you, so making sure they aren’t too hot is key. So if baths help with better sleep, detoxing, rest and relaxation, quiet time, etc., what are you waiting for?

This Bamboo Bath Tray is my current favorite bath necessity!