DIY Prints

Well, another weekend has come and gone. Although I worked this weekend, I was happy to have Friday off! I am so overly excited that I will have my first home office/craft room come May! I offered Andrew the garage... so I think that's a fair trade, right? I know I want a clean space with a beautiful white Parsons desk. I hope to have all of my craft supplies conveniently stored in the closet (I'm a dreamer). I want to order a few inspirational prints from Lara Casey's shop (shown in my last post) but also wanted some DIY prints. What I love about framed prints is that you can easily store them in a folder and switch them out, depending on season or mood.

You could use your die cut letters inverted, too.


The next print I created was not very original, but it was easy and fun! I have seen so much inspiration for a painting like this on Pinterest & was happy to finally have some time to try it out! I can't wait to do it again in the colors that I want my home office to have!



What do you think? I love how simple this painting technique is! It is great for anyone who uses color for inspiration! Just a few brush strokes will give you an idea of what color palette might (or might not) work for your next project! I will definitely be doing this again!