Little Boy Gift Guide 2018

The most magical season has finally begun. It was so sweet last year with Thomas here for his first Christmas, but this year is even better. Now that he has interests and so much more personality.. I cannot wait to share in his excitement. We swore we wouldn’t go crazy this year, seeing as toys last a whole 20 minutes of interest for Thomas. We wanted to do a couple bigger things, instead of a lot of little things. And I know, I know, it isn’t about the gifts! You don’t have to remind me :). I actually love Christmas for all the other reasons and can’t wait to tell the story of baby Jesus in a manger on repeat to Thomas. I want him to become accustomed to traditions like waking up in our cozy house on Christmas morning, baking with Mom, putting Christmas lights up with Dad and trimming the tree as a family. I hope to teach him why we do these special things - and what the family time and nostalgia is all about so gifts are an after-thought. As moms, I know we can all hope!
We have plans to give Thomas a playhouse this year and I am so so excited about it. We have a talented friend in town who owns his own woodworking company and he has sketched up some awesome plans for T. I wanted to do this so we can utilize our backyard more, without bogging it down with random toys. Our in-laws gifted T the play kitchen that I plan to add some customizations to and put it in playhouse too. He gets two AWESOME gifts, and mom doesn’t loose more precious space in this house haha! It’s a win-win.
At last… here are my top picks for Thomas’s age range. I personally feel like boys can be tricky to shop for so I liked the idea of something educational, something developmental, something imaginary, a clothing item, etc to break it up.

Little Boy Gift Guide | 18-24m | Victoria Austin
  1. Wooden Tool Set by Moon Picnic, $78

  2. Jefferson Slip-Ons by Native, $35

  3. Balance Bike by Banwood, $189

  4. Play Kitchen by Milton & Goose, $649
    Play Kitchen by Ikea, $79
    Play Kitchen by Pottery Barn Kids, $399

  5. Classic Train Set by Melissa & Doug, $24

  6. A-Z Flashcards by VAD:), $35

Any favorites you have for little boys? I would love to know!
Happy Shopping, mamas! xo