June Review

How is it already June 27th, 2014? Another month coming to a close and I am happy to say that it has been a great month for V.A.D.! You should know, I kept my office immaculate the whole month! :) Before checking in on my month, check out my girl, Shanna's latest blog posts! She is full of tangible tips to get your butt moving.

Jennifer Pharr Photography | Victoria Austin Designs

Hmmm, it is hard to come up with any cons for the month! I learned a little bit about copyright, honesty and friendship. Some may say I need tougher skin in this industry, however I don't agree with that. I would much rather be considered oversensitive, a people-pleaser or too nice than to be on the other end of those feelings; mean, unoriginal, competitive in the worst way, and well, uneducated in ethically running a business and sustaining lasting friendships. So although treating others how you want to be treated may not always seem to "work" in your favor, I strongly believe that it will always feel right in the end. 

What a great month of making things happen! Mary and I planned and styled a spread in Mobile Bay Bride Magazine! I am proud to say it turned out beautiful, unique and fun! We brought in tons of our favorite local vendors and cannot wait to see the handful of pages dedicated to our work! I wish I could spill all the details, but MBB will not get published until closer to the new year! But you know I'll burst at the seams when it's ready to be revealed.
I spent almost five days celebrating the upcoming nuptials of one of my bests in Miami. We all had a blast taking that city by storm and catching up. (I ordered the bride, Jenna, a floral crown from Bella Lilly Studio, and I so recommend anyone in the area to reach out to Elizabeth for all your floral needs! She is fabulous at what she does and fun to work with!) This special bride's invites are currently being assembled and will be in guests' mailboxes any day. I am so lucky to have so many supportive friends!
Mary and I booked two weddings for the upcoming year, one being in Nashville with the most stylish bride, and we are thrilled to be doing florals for two beautiful Alabama AND Mississippi weddings this August. Not too shabby for "beginners", huh?
V.A.D. has had less outgoing expenses and more incoming this month than last month. In July, I plan to continue with a better work/life balance, enjoy the little things, and spend less time stressing over things that won't matter in 10 years. :) I will be traveling home and look forward to seeing people I love as well as see a few friends tie the knot this summer! More time outside and less time with my computer. I think July and August are looking phenomenal!
The last thing I will leave with you is… GET EXCITED! We are giddy with excitement to share what's been on our hearts and minds 24/7. Until then, keep your fingers crossed and say a lil' prayer for us as we break out of our comfort zone and embark on our most favorite project yet and all the legalities that come with it! While you wait on the edge of your seat (jokes), we are in search of a creative logo designer, as well as, quality, authentic and experienced wedding professionals in surrounding cities such as, Pensacola, Baldwin County, Mobile, Birmingham, Jackson, Gulf Port area, etc. I can't divulge too much but if this is you and you are interested in learning more, email victoriaaustindesigns@gmail.com for more info. 


Cheers to July! And an extra special cheers to bride-to-be, Annie, and groom-to-be, Garrett, on their upcoming wedding. I have so enjoyed providing some paper pretties for them and CANNOT wait to see how lovely their big day is! 

"You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge." Danielle Laporte


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