Etsy Finds | For My Toddler

Since the holidays, we have been cleaning, purging and organizing in our house! It feels GREAT! I truly cannot blame the wild toddler in the house for the extra clutter… it’s all me! We have (thankfully) lived in this house for about 6 years, and man, have we accumulated some stuff. It feels good to get rid of unnecessary things and deep clean for Spring. My friend Jane with Southern Calligraphy and I have made a little pact to hold each other accountable with our minimalist goals this year. It’s not a “one day fix” but we are mapping out the whole year so we can stay on top of this goal and start the transition to minimizing our belongings and decluttering our spaces and lives!
With all that to be said, Thomas’s toys seem to silently SCREAM at me in every room. If you know me, you know I was hell bent on not letting kids toy’s take over the home we’ve worked so hard for. So as we donated great toys and kept some classics that we adore, I noticed how many are from Etsy and wanted to share them with y’all. Thomas isn’t in Montessori school (or any school yet) but I do lean toward that style of play/learn when given the choice (so you may notice a theme). Otherwise, some are just cute and fun and I hope to keep forever!

Okay, that last one is strictly for me and not a toy. So cute though, right? I just ordered T one for his room!
Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see some of the toys in action! I try to post great finds there as well. Have any favorites I should add to my list? Let me know! xoxo