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It is so easy for me to get bogged down with a demanding inbox and full plate, I know almost everyone can relate. What affects my work the most is just this, unfortunately. If I get overwhelmed, I work less efficiently, less enthusiastically and of course, with less creativity and spark. I've learned to take a few hours to myself and create something that is just for "me". I have other methods too, like another cup of coffee, reading, getting out of the house, etc., but creating something - off the computer screen - for no reason at all does the trick best!
The past few weeks have flown by and I am happy to say that although I thought September would begin a "slow period" for VAD, it has been quite the opposite.

Inspired by: Jessica Clinch of Simply Jessica Marie
As I am always adding to my brand inspiration board, a few photos stick with me! I decided to ask Jessica a few beginner tips so I can watercolor one of my favorite photos by Rylee Hitchner (florals and styling by Abany). It is not done yet and I applaud Jessica once again for her patience and time commitment, watercolor is not easy nor is it quick! But it is so relaxing and was great to sit back, paint and reflect. I may have had a glass of white while I did this!

Victoria Austin Designs | Blog | Inspired By
Victoria Austin Designs | Blog | Inspired By
Victoria Austin Designs | Blog | Watercolor Supplies

And then the fun began...

Victoria Austin Designs | Blog | Watercolor
Victoria Austin Designs | Blog
Victoria Austin Designs | Blog

Seriously, so much fun! It is extremely relaxing (when there is no pressure involved). I continue to look for inspiration at home, and I would love to share the who and what of my inspiration!



Small Business | The Good, The Bad, and The Pretty

Although I truly do not have time to write this post, I feel like I need to make time for it. Owning a small business is hands-down the most fun and rewarding experience I have ever had the privilege of enduring, next to marriage, of course. Victoria Austin Designs, as well as myself, are always changing. Always growing. Always learning. Always exploring. All this growth also brings trials and failures, tears, disappointment, rejection, and most of all, exhaustion. However, I know I can handle those small glimpses of defeat and discouragement. 

Since day one, I have taken on more than I can chew. I love SO many aspects of the creative wedding and event process that it is hard to tell myself "no" sometimes. I want to help anyone and everyone who needs some advice or extra hands, and I realize that isn't always helping others if I can't give my full attention! I have a hard time deciphering what I have time to do and what I do not. I am getting better everyday, with the help of so many gracious mentors, but if you have ever waited more than a week for an email response from me, had an email slip through the cracks, an extended deadline, this is why.
After talking with my most understanding friend, Mary, about her trials as a successful business owner, it dawned on me that we all struggle with some of the same things. I review all of my inquiries and respond personally. I check your comments on my blog and FB page and comment back. I do the "running around" that all small business owners can relate to. I am my own "tech guy", "customer support", "social media strategist", "web developer", "assembly team", "financial advisor", "coffee maker", "blogger", "cleaning crew", and most essential to my small business, a designer and a dreamer. I am also a wife, friend, sister, aunt and puppy momma and these roles come first.

I have had SO SO many amazing projects lately that have set my heart on fire! And are ultimately leading me to the business owner, designer and stylist that I want to be. I hope you have enjoyed my creative process as much as I have and I can't thank my supporters enough for always cheering me on, referring clients to me, mentoring me and believing in me!


These photos are exactly what has been firing me up to get my thoughts and business streamlined. I hope this post resinates with some business owners, creatives, or just the dreamers! As I implement the advice I have been given by mentors, I hope to blog some tips, tricks and resources that help me along the way for those who may need them!


Gowns from Bella Bridesmaids, Fairhope | Photos by Jennifer Pharr