May Review

I am feeling extra relaxed today as I sit down to review my month. A sweet and intelligent woman I met at Pursue, Shanna Skidmore, gave us a little insight into her mentally, physically and financially organized life. Did I mention she is creative? YEA, Shanna's got it goin' on. Shanna told me that she takes one day a month, usually the last Friday of the month, to review her work. Simply put, right? It isn't as easy as it sounds or everyone would be doing it. In order for me to productively do this, I had to tackle the elephant in my room.
My disaster of an office (I would show a before photo but it was that bad). Over the busy spring, my office became more of a storage space with stacks of receipts and paper samples, odds and ends, even an old diet coke can. Yikes. Last night I tackled this and I am still not done! I have two trash bags full and really could fill another with misc. products I don't need. Anywho, BOY DO I FEEL BETTER. I am actually sitting at my desk right now, which I haven't done in weeks.
So my review, you ask? May was everything and more. A growing month, for sure.

Victoria Austin Designs Beach Wedding

Financially, not my best. I don't need to get into details there but with traveling and other opportunities, my profit isn't where it should be. But that's why sitting down and looking at my incoming and outgoing expenses is so important. Especially in the paper world, a few bucks here and there tend to get lost on me. I am excited to get a more structured pricing guide for brides as I have a better grasp on their different needs now. I did save every receipt that I know of this month, I haven't been as diligent with that in the past.  Waiting on publications (the submission process, in general) is something that starts to tire me and distract me from what's important. I hope to not spend so much time in June (and forever) waiting for blog editors to be in contact. That's not productive for me. I hope to do less styled, more REAL in the coming months as well. My exhaustion (although stemmed from the go-go-go of a creative business owner and naturally social person) had taken a toll in April and rolled over into May. This is from not knowing when to, and not knowing how to say "no", a few lingering jobs that I had to tuck away, and my lack of TRUE rest and relaxation.
I give myself a pat on the back for mailing out 4 invitation suites, one being letterpress! As well as styling a real wedding in Birmingham with Mary and an anniversary shoot in Orange Beach! Mary and I created bouquets for a wedding in Daphne, too. I will be sending two proposals today and I attended a workshop to better myself and my business… points for Tori. V.A.D. received the sweetest intern, who is talented and laid-back and I pray I can teach her at least one valuable thing while she works with me during her summer away from Auburn University. I met a few new vendor friends who I am excited to work with. I joined a new networking group in my area and have gone out of my comfort zone more than once. I took a little time off recently to rest and catch up on some books! I saw tons of family and friends this month and celebrated Andrew and I's one year anniversary in Rosemary Beach. I am so so thankful we chose Rosemary for our wedding, I have a lifetime of amazing anniversaries ahead of me. :)


I read Shanna's latest blog post before deciding to blog today. I am so happy I did. The article she touched on, here, spoke right to me. It isn't a cheesy "what all 20-somethings should do" article or list. I love Shanna's take on fostering good habits. At Pursue, Shanna also talked about building your "Life Team" of those people who will help you foster these good habits. After all, if you are not surrounded by those encouraging you to better yourself, how will you ever succeed in creating a better life and business for yourself? Today, I fostered good habits to in turn, foster a good life. I woke up early, ate breakfast, cleaned, read my devotional, came into my CLEAN office, and replied to emails (some of which have been sitting for a hot minute). I spent 3 hours looking at my receipts, paying two bills and pro-conning my month, and blogging. I have two proposals to finish and then I am treating myself to my new "last Friday of the month" by seeing a good friend! It is amazing what you can accomplish if you stop procrastinating. Speaking to myself, of course. :)

xo, T