2015 Resolutions - Intro

Coming from a taco-bell-loving, venti-mocha-drinking, chocolate-cake-for-breakfast advocate and a-lot-of-wine-with-my-cheese girl… this resolution may not stick. BUT Andrew and I have vowed to simply be healthier this year. No major rules or restrictions, which has been keeping it more relaxed and easier to achieve (for us). We can already see results, and definitely feel them! 
Drink more water, all day, everyday. I've given up my diet cokes, almost completely, and we both have a coffee a day (no milk or sugar, usually), or tea. We started cooking low-carb, light grain and/or starch meals. This has been SHOCKINGLY easy thanks to Paderno's Spiralizer. We are quite literally it's newest and biggest fans. This inexpensive kitchen gadget has reinvented vegetables for us. We have cooked a meat, and veggie dish for dinner every night and I can honestly say I am not dying for carbs yet. We've done some of our guiltiest pleasures, like pad thai and spaghetti, substituting the noodles for squash or zucchini and it is amazing! It's all about the prep, and taking our time with the sauces, etc. Andrew is great in the kitchen so he's been making this transition really easy for me!
We don't deprive ourselves of everything, obviously. We still indulge in wine, dessert, snacks and dinner dates with friends. We've just been smarter about these things as well, especially snacking. Hummus is our go-to, instead of my normal goat cheese.
Along with our better eating habits, I've stopped using my prescription face meds (which is terrifying, as I have been on acne medicine since I can remember). I've started using essential oils for problem areas, and bentonite clay for my face. I do use a witch-hazel toner (all natural) and my Clarisonic for cleansing. I haven't really dug deep into changing my makeup regimen yet, as that is certainly a security blanket for me! But I will let you know if I tackle this as well.
In just over 7 days, I am sleeping better, feel energized during the day and my mood has slightly "improved" as well. Crazy, huh? My skin is good so far, nothing amazing or horrible to report!

New Years Resolutions | Healthy Happy Lifestyle Victoria Austin Designs

I can't wait to learn more about this healthy lifestyle journey we spontaneously embarked on. I can't promise we will stick with it every day but Andrew and I already feel better, which has helped keep the momentum up! I have an Inspiration Board, where I am collecting recipes, tips and more and we already have a few recipes we love! I will share more about the health and beauty tips and products here and in my shop. I will try to share updates weekly! Be sure to let me know of any tips that can help us, as well.