Big Brown Bag Sale | Little Boy Finds

I posted a few favorite items from Bloomingdale’s last week and wanted to share some great stuff I found during their BBB sale happening now! Cute boy stuff can be hard to find, but we have definitely found our favorites. Thomas dresses better than me, I am sure you moms can understand! haha.

Happy shopping! This inspires me to clean out T’s closet and get ready for Spring, too!

DIY Watercolors for Toddlers

I recently made homemade watercolors for Thomas so he can paint a bit more and stretch his imagination and fine motor skills. He loves getting messy and getting into “big boy” stuff so the timing felt right! I made them before his friends came over for a Valentine’s Party and decided to make a set for each kid to take.
These were easy and I plan to continuing making color palettes for different occasions!

Homemade DIY Watercolors for Toddlers
Homemade DIY Watercolors for Toddlers
Homemade DIY Watercolors for Toddlers
Toddler Activity, Homemade Watercolors
Homemade Watercolors by Victoria Austin
Homemade DIY Watercolors for Toddlers

LINKS to Supplies:
Heart Tags via Michaels
Paint Palettes (4 pack) via Hobby Lobby
Watercolor Pens (3 pack) via Hobby Lobby

These are so cute packaged up in a clear bag as DIY gifts as well!
Happy Crafting and Happy Love Week!