Here Comes Peter Cottontail | Free DIY Easter Printables

One of my favorite childhood memories is my mom’s enthusiasm for every holiday. She. did. not. discriminate. From the New Years Day to New Years Eve, and every holiday in between, she celebrated them all and very well at that! I will always remember her Easter morning giddiness and the attention she put into all those holidays that brought us joy. One thing I always remember this time of year are the Easter bunny footprints she put throughout the house leading to our Easter baskets! I knew I had to share this fun memory with Thomas. To be fair, I did see these in the dollar section at Target this morning (of course just a mere hours after I spent the time to cut out my own). But if you are a DIY-er at heart, then this is for you! They are easy-peasy and quick.

Easter Bunny Footprints (pink) | Easter Bunny Footprints (blue)

Easter Bunny Footprint Download Free Printable | Victoria Austin
Free DIY Easter Printables | Victoria Austin
Free DIY Easter Printables | Victoria Austin

And to compete the wonder of Easter season… a little bunny peaking over my boy’s crib! This was another easy-peasy print + cut idea that brings so much joy to his sweet nursery!

“Peaking” Bunny Print

Free DIY Easter Printables | Victoria Austin
Free DIY Easter Printables | Victoria Austin
Free DIY Easter Printables | Victoria Austin

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Happy Easter! xo, Tori

Easy Beer Tasting Party

Today, my sister informed me that it was National IPA Day (she is a craft beer enthusiast) and suggested I put together a little something special for Andrew when he got home from work! It was perfect timing, because I know he is having a long week! Unlike my sister, I am not a beer girl. So instead of focusing on choosing the best IPA's, I just quickly grabbed a few of Andrew's favorite craft beers. In the future, I would love to find unique beers that the guys (and gals) would like and really get into it!

Or better yet, host a wine tasting party.


Below is some inspiration for an easy beer tasting party:


Easy, huh? I created the "printables" in order to make the tasting a little more interactive! One printable is for "notes" and then another printable for rating each beer. I also made beer labels (#1-4) to conceal the brand of each beer. However, I did take each label off anyway! Pretzels are known to cleanse your palette during a beer tasting so add a bowl of these salty treats and your all set. This was so easy to put together on a whim and would be really fun for a birthday or get-together with friends!

Happy National IPA Day, 


p.s. if you would like me to send you these printables, leave a comment! :)