DIY Greenery Crown

Last week, Mother Nature stunned the southeast with a "light dusting" of snow. Overly congested cities, such as; Atlanta and Birmingham fared the worst. Fortunately for us, our precious dot-on-the-map took extreme precautions. Most of us around the Mobile Bay ended up with at least two days off of work due to the icy roads. I had three.

I used that time to relax with my husband, work on two invitation suites, and DIY projects here and there. My favorite DIY yet: an organic take on the floral crown. 


What you will need:

Greenery of your choice (I used Eucalyptus Leaves for their life span)

Ribbon (Optional | I used Frou Frou Chic Silk Ribbon in Terre)

Hot Glue (A florist would likely shun)


Easy as pie. Cut "hearty" stems of the greenery and place in a circle to "map out" your crown. Once you have enough stems to create the look you want, begin gluing. Hot glue goes a long way, and I wanted my crown to be a bit more whimsy, so a dot on the thick side of the stem was enough. Hold stems in place until dry. After, I added silk ribbon to connect the crown in a bow. If you don't want the ribbon intertwined, you could attach two pieces of ribbon, one at each end to secure in a bow. 

xo Tori

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box

Guilty! I have totally posted this project before. I still use Andrew's old digital camera, but I have slightly improved my photography skills (next big investment: new camera)! Anyways, I wanted to take new photos because this project was so fun and special for me I really wanted a decent post to show it off! I cannot wait to share our special day with my closest friends. They are the most fabulous women! Sincere, funny, kind, wild, honest and most of all, unique.

I used beautiful stationary cards from Rifle Paper Company and wooden jewelry boxes from Hobby Lobby.


My mom had a great idea to add some lovely Chanel makeup! We found the most perfect items!

(Pink) Nailpolish - "535 May"

(Natural) Lipgloss - "87 Seashell"

(Waterproof) Mascara - "10 Noir"

Could those names (and colors) be more fitting for our May 18th, Rosemary Beach wedding?


I filled the wooden box with sand, shells, scented bath salts and a drop of glitter!


Hope you liked my "Bridesmaid Box Idea". I love seeing new ideas, so please share!