Flower Friday

So, remember how I said it was impossible to get a flower (and cake) consultation on such short notice? To my relief, a fabulous florist was available for our date AND was able to do a consultation over-the-phone! Flowers might possibly be my favorite detail of weddings, or even in life (right up there with glitter, hehe). We touched on so many different things:

Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid's Bouguets

Groom's Boutonniere

Groomsmen's Boutonniere's

Flower Girls' Petals + Flower Crowns

Ring Bearer's Boutonniere

Moms' Bouquets

Dads' Boutonnieres

Grandmas' Corsages

Grandpas' Boutonniere's

WOW. That's a lot of flowers, and that's just for wedding party to wear! We also started looking into the flowers for the aisle, including aisle markers at the end of each row and pre-petalling the aisle (in case our little flower girls decide they don't want to throw any petals)! We went over the whole "feel" we want at the ceremony and how our arch will look, etc. We have a lot of space on the lawn so it is important to me that the flowers do not look scarce. I have not narrowed down which flowers I want for the bouguets yet, because I love so many different styles. Here are my favorites...

Cream Roses + Lavender

Bride & Bridesmaids' Peony Bouquets via Southern Weddings Magazine

Photo by Binaryflips Photography

Wildflowers, Berries, Peonies & Roses via Style Me Pretty

With so many beautiful bouquets, how will I ever narrow it down? I just die a little for that last one. So not my normal style because it's so colorful and bold... but I am really loving it! Anyways a few other photos of inspiration are for decor...

Natural Table Runner

Unique Seating Decor


Honestly, what flower do I NOT like? Can't think of a single one. We are taking our engagement photos tomorrow so I should have a busy, wedding-inspired weekend!


weekday project: DIY glass etching

I am so excited to share this post! I did my first glass etching project and I am so happy with the results!! These will be perfect for our boat drinks this weekend and a little keepsake for us girls. They would be perfect for parties and weddings! It was just a little tedious because I am a perfectionist when it comes to crafting, but I have a couple tips to share that could make it easier in the future.



Glass Object Armour Etch (about $8 for a small bottle @ craft store)

Masking Tape


Exacto Knife

*optional: Cricut or cutting machine*

I followed this tutorial and used my cricut to cut out my desired letters. I sealed a strip of masking tape on each glass mug and taped my paper stencil on top of the strip of masking tape. Next, I used my exacto knife to cut the stencil out in the masking tape. (This was the tedious part.. in the future I will buy vinyl strips for my Cricut, then it will cut a sticker version of the stencil I want!) I left the etching paste on for 10 minutes and then put the mug under hot running water. The excess paste and tape slipped right off and that's it! I am in love!


What do you think?

p.s. I didn't have time to order paper straws (my new obsession) from my favorite online store, Shop Sweet Lulu so I improvised. I stole a few extra wrapped straws when I was picking up takeout last night, and used paper tape (or washi tape) to add the red stripes! With that, they were perfect for Memorial Day Weekend.